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Ahad, 13 Julai 2008

Dakwaan serious Bloger dalam The Star 12 July 2008

PAS showing their true colors in Ulu Muda
Posted by: MalaysianSoul
You get what you vote for. Take Kedah for example. Now that Kedah is under PAS rule, one of the FIRST things they do is revive the 2003 logging plans to log Ulu Muda. If this plan goes ahead, by the time of the next election in 2012, there will be NO MORE virgin forest of Ulu Muda left. This forest has existed for millions of years, but PAS seems eager to rape it.... Blame yourselves for voting PAS. PAS is only showing how short sighted (shall I say greedy) they are, by reviving this logging plan and twisting the facts. This is NOT about removing "old, and decaying" trees. Don't think we are stupid. This is a plain logging project, and it will DESTROY the forest, biodiversity, and water catchment area.What is the difference between a logged and a virgin forest? A lot. First of all, biodiversity is lost. Logging reduces biodiversity, and reduces the canopy height. Logged forests will NEVER regrow like the original forest. The species composition is altered forever. It takes many hundreds of years for a logged forest to "recover," and even then, it will not be the same again. When you drive on the road, most forest you see from the road, these are all logged forest. The only difference is the degree and intensity of logging.Okay, so who benefits from logging? Most of the profits go into the bank account of the logging taukeh. The workers and the state only get a SMALL percentage. That's why in ASEAN we have logging barons - basically greedy and bad people who destroy the land.PAS cannot take care of the Malaysian environment. They have NO understanding about ecology or biodiversity. To them, they view all forests as goldmines to fill their pockets for some quick and ready cash. This short term view shows they cannot possibly govern Malaysia, because they only know how to go for short term solutions. Not enough money means, "Go and log the nearest forest you can see." If you disagree with the logging plans for Ulu Muda, don't be afraid to let them know. The world's environment is "going to the dogs" because of ignorance and apathy. Sorry for the language, but it must be said. In conclusion, PAS does not seem like a party that does God's will and takes care of his creations. At the end of the day, it is still like any other "worldly" political party, only out for short term profits and gains. Even if that means to destroy the LAST unlogged, virgin lowland forest in our Peninsular Malaysia that is worth conserving!If you don't believe me, go check a detailed map of Malaysia. You can confirm with the Forestry Dept of Malaysia. I have only stated the FACTS. There is no more areas in Peninsular Malaysia that is worth conserving, except for Ulu Muda. Will it now be destroyed?

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