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Jumaat, 23 Januari 2009

How many Muslims are there in the world?

(Pemandangan masjid KLCC, apa nama masjid dah lupa, diambil semasa menghadiri PC Fair Disember lalu)

At about 1.3 billion followers, Islam is the second most populous religion in the world. There are 50 per cent more Christians, but only about one per cent as many Jews. The Organization of the Islamic Conference has 57 members including both nations we associate with Islam – Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iraq – and many we don't think much about at all – Kazakhstan, Kirgyzstan, Turkmenistan – or at least didn't until recently. There are 15 countries in which Muslims make up almost 100 per cent of the population. Besides the few million living in the U.S. and the hundreds of thousands in Canada, Muslims populate most of a wide swathe of land across North Africa through the Middle East and into Asia. Indonesia, with over 170 million Muslims, is the nation with the highest population of Muslims. Though difficult to establish with certainty, even the population of China may be about 10 per cent. (Exert from CBC New International)

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al-brangi berkata...

umat Islam ramai, tapi ibarat buih, kekuatan tak ada, kerana menolak ajarannya, kepala otak dah mengerutu dengan sekular

Hamirdin b Ithnin berkata...

saya rasa lebih daripada 1.3b. Mungkin hampir mencecah 2b