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Jumaat, 13 Februari 2009

Off track-Who is Fatima, new political icon of Pakistan

Fatima Bhutto, the writer and poet, whose family name carries so much weight in Pakistan doesn't feel the burden of continuing the family's political dynasty. Fatima Bhutto, adding to the Bhutto family legacy is neither in her interest, nor her country's. As outspoken about the current political climate in her homeland as she is committed to staying out of mainstream politics, Fatima Bhutto has had to deflect calls from many in Pakistan to enter into the political fray in the aftermath of her aunt Benazir Bhutto's death. Many there who have partisan views on the Bhutto family dynasty see her as "the real Bhutto" as opposed to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, her cousin. Despite some physical resemblances to Benazir, Fatima is making her own name for herself in order to live her life outside of the shadow of her famous aunt.
Shunning Oxford University she was an undergraduate at Columbia University in the U.S. where she read Middle Eastern studies before doing a masters degree in London at the School of Oriental and Asian Studies. While there she wrote her dissertation on the resistance movements to General Zia ul-Haq. Having spent time in Lebanon and traveling extensively, she writes a regular column for Pakistan's The News International newspaper. Working as a writer and poet, she has already published two books - a volume of poetry at the age of 15 after her father's death and a book on the 2005 earthquake in Kashmir from which the proceeds went to survivors of the disaster. Party politics might not be a part of her life at the moment, but politics is an undeniable part of her life. In her column in The News International, while restating her differences with her estranged aunt Benazir Bhuto, she called for a moment of calm in Pakistan's politics. She may resist the call to enter mainstream politics for now, but with such a family history and strong opinions, politics will always have a part to play in her future.

Another hot news:
Fatima Bhutto, Clooney dilapor jalin hubungan
ISLAMABAD: Tabloid paling berpengaruh Amerika Syarikat, The National Enquirer, menggemparkan Pakistan apabila melaporkan pelakon George Clooney menjalin hubungan cinta rahsia dengan anak saudara Benazir Bhutto, bekas Perdana Menteri Pakistan yang mati dibunuh, Fatima. Clooney yang dilabel sebagai bujang idaman Hollywood dilaporkan menjalin hubungan jarak jauh dengan Fatima selepas bertentang mata dengan wartawan yang lahir dalam dinasti politik paling berpengaruh Pakistan itu pada satu persidangan antarabangsa tahun lalu. The National Enquirer mendakwa, aktor berusia 47 tahun itu tertarik dengan ‘jelitawan asing yang bijak’, serta tinggal dengan saudara lelaki dan ibu tirinya di pinggir Karachi
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