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Isnin, 25 Oktober 2010

Setiap kali perhimpunan...tajuk utama hentam PAS, cuba baca laporan The Star

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A SELANGOR delegate took a swipe at PAS, saying that the Islamist party practises its own brand of democracy when it comes to appointing mosque committee members in the state.

Datuk Ismail Kijo claimed that a PAS-friendly candidate would be appointed to the committee even though the person garnered the least number of votes.

“It is like giving a gold medal to the one who finished third. This is the so-called democracy practised by PAS in Selangor,” he said when debating the motion on religion and education during the Umno general assembly.

Ismail said that PAS would appoint candidates that would benefit them.

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Wanita Umno debate kicked off with a fiery attack against PAS. Datin Rahimah Mohamed of Kelantan claimed that PAS had betrayed the race and religion. “PAS is now afraid of DAP. Its leaders are more scared of (DAP chairman) Karpal Singh than Allah,” she said when proposing the debate on Wanita Umno chief Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil’s policy speech. She said PAS had wooed Malays by promising to establish an Islamic state but now it had stopped mentioning it as it was afraid of DAP.

She also said PAS was a party that flip-flopped.

“In the 70s and 80s PAS said Umno was kafir for collaborating with MCA and MIC. “They said then that it was against Allah’s law. “But now they have forged ties with DAP to destroy Malay (political dominance),” she said.

She also noted that PAS had set up a Brigade Muslimat to counter Wanita Umno’s Squad Sayang.“The Red Squad (Wanita Umno) will face off with the Green Brigade (Muslimat PAS) in the Galas by-election,” she said, adding that Galas would be the stepping stone for Umno to return to power in Kelantan.

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